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Mirrors to pass your driving test – tip 2

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Top 123 Tips to Pass your Driving test First time

As a trusted driving school we get lots of questions asked about learning to drive etc. So we have decided to create blogs for all the FAQ’s about learning to drive. This blog post is part of our 123 top tips to pass your driving test.

Top tips to help you pass your driving test - mirrors

You need to Check you MIRRORS!

 According to the DVSA, the number 1 reason marked for a failure on the test sheets is Junctions (observation).

What does the DVSA say about checking mirrors and observations at junctions?

The DVSA every year produce a list of the top 10 fails recorded on the marking sheets. For the Past 13 years! the main reason has been – Junctions (observation).  The DVSA DT1 tells examiners to:

The examiner should observe whether the candidate has the vehicle under proper control and in the appropriate gear, takes account of the type of junction, road signs and following traffic, gives any necessary and appropriate signals in good time, and keeps the vehicle correctly positioned throughout. The examiner should also note whether the candidate takes adequate and effective observation before entering the intersection, and that they do so with due regard for other road users.

The route should still include some urban roads which will allow the examiner to observe the candidate’s reaction to crossing intersections during general driving. A driver who is over-cautious at a main road may act differently at a junction of less important roads.

The examiner is looking for you to take effective observations on approach to the junctions, when emerging from a junction and then make more observations when progressing away form the junction. – Thats a lot of observations! One of the reasons why its so commonly marked as a fail on the driving test.

Why do you need to Check your Mirrors on approach to junctions to pass your test?

Quite simply, you need to always know what’s around you in order to be able to make the correct decisions. If you cant see the risks on the road then you can’t plan or prepare for them. Benjamin Franklin’s quote ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail‘ is a grat thing to remmerb when driving. – Always know what is around you especial at or near junctions as Junctions are a big area of risk when driving.

A good drive will always know whats around them at all times.


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Chris RichardsMirrors to pass your driving test – tip 2

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