Food to help you enjoy your trip to Blackpool

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Discover great places to eat so you can make the most of your trip to Blackpool.

Boonnak Thai Restaurant

A fabulous, charming little find, a real hidden gem. Friendly traditional welcome from the staff and great service. Pleasant atmosphere and spotlessly clean, bright and spacious. Even the cleanliness of restrooms deserves a mention. The truly authentic food is delicious, fresh, beautifully presented and very good value.The early bird menu is particularly good value. There is a wide range of fish and seafood dishes for those that don’t eat meat and a good choice of tasty, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

West Coast Rock Cafe

Amazing atmosphere, amazing music, amazing food, amazing drinks. Superb food, right on time, hot and at a great price. Great with kids, well looked after with a play area for them. Attentive, friendly, helpful and polite staff. A lovely cafe that is clean and tidy. Although very heavily meat orientated there is a choice of vegetarian options.McHalls Bistro

McHalls Bistro

Friendly, down to earth, service and atmosphere, and high-quality cuisine worthy of a fine dining restaurant. The food is beautifully and expertly prepared, cooked and presented and is extremely tasty.  The menu choices are plentiful and inviting, a perfect selection in all three courses. There is also a good selection of beers, wines and spirits all reasonably priced. The Bistro itself has a lovely ambience, cosy with a lovely, personal, homely feel. It is an amazing place, spotlessly clean and tidy. Highly recommended.


Amazing, incredible food, so fresh and delicious, proper Italian food. The front of house staff are delightful, warm and friendly yet professional and courteous, they really look after you. A great place, a real diamond find, it is only small, seating 15-20 people, but the staff are really accommodating and flexible when fitting in party bookings.

Hauze Restaurant

A great little find. Lovely, fantastic customer service, friendly and attentive making you feel really welcome. If you’re looking for something different this Latvian Russian fusion menu will not disappoint, vegetarian-friendly, vegan and gluten-free options are also available. The food is delicious, consistently high standard and all reasonably priced. The restaurant is nicely laid out and caters for couples or large groups with a great atmosphere, soft lighting and lovely background music, really inviting.


An independent neighbourhood restaurant & bar, offering a small, considered menu that is cooked from scratch using well-sourced, local ingredients. Open every day for breakfast and lunch, open evenings Thursdays to Sundays. A lovely, friendly little Bistro, warm and welcoming, staff very friendly and attentive. Gorgeous food.

Othello’s Greek

If you love Greek food you must visit this restaurant. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and the service is very efficient. All food is authentic Greek, excellent, delicious and of the highest standard and very reasonably priced. The restaurant is exceptionally clean and there is a lovely atmosphere. Certainly worth a visit.

Ziggy’s Cafe Bar

This is a lovely little David Bowie-themed cafe just at the back of the town centre which serves really good quality and innovative food at reasonable prices. A friendly welcome, quality drinks including alcohol, good food, sensible prices. Great for delicious homemade cakes, afternoon tea or just a drink and a light snack. There are lots of choices and the servings are large, freshly cooked and great value for money. Nice clean cafe with a great atmosphere.

These are just a few of the numerous and varied places to eat in Blackpool. From fast food outlets and teashops to fine dining, there’s something to suit all tastes, budgets and requirements.

Other things to look at or do in Blackpool:

Heather TrimnellFood to help you enjoy your trip to Blackpool
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Food to help you enjoy your trip to Rochdale

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Places to eat in Rochdale

Finding out the nice places to eat will help ensure you have a good trip to Rochdale.

If you are visiting Rochdale, then why not stop for something to eat! There is a wide variety of cuisine available, British, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Thai.

The Green Door, Littleborough, Rochdale

This great, child-friendly restaurant serves brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and After-hours. There are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available. You will receive a warm welcome from the friendly staff. the atmosphere is relaxed with impeccable service and fabulous food.

Nutters Restaurant, Rochdale

An excellent example of an English restaurant, comfortable and with a relaxed atmosphere. Luxurious, gourmet food, fine dining at it’s best at a reasonable price. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available.

The Pavilion 2 Bangladeshi Restaurant, Rochdale

Simply amazing food with friendly, attentive, welcoming staff. Authentic dishes, menu descriptions are spot on so mild means mild and hot means hot. Very good value, generous portions.

Springhill Tearoom and Gift Shop

Raising money for the Springhill Hospice this tea shop is run by friendly local volunteers. The food is excellent, they serve breakfast, light lunches, snacks and afternoon tea. There is a well-stocked gift shop, which sells a range of gifts, cards and Hospice merchandise.

The Waterside Restaurant and Winebar, Littleborough, Rochdale

A great venue with lovely views of the surrounding countryside, situated by the Rochdale canal and nearby Hollingworth Lake. The atmosphere is cosy, homely and welcoming and the staff are friendly and engaging providing excellent service. The food is fantastic, well cooked, tasty and excellent quality.

Madisons Restaurant

This is a wonderful restaurant in central Rochdale. Both the food and service are excellent. The perfect venue for a party they will even provide a cake if you’re celebrating a birthday. The staff are kind, understanding and flexible when catering for special dietary needs.

CockaDoodleMoo Rochdale

Very pleasant, welcoming staff who are friendly and helpful. Genuine American style slow-cooked smokehouse food served in generous portions. Very reasonable prices and the place is spotlessly clean.

This is just a few of the many amazing places to eat in Rochdale. There are restaurants, cafes and takeaways to suit all tastes and budgets.

Other things to look at or do in Rochdale:

Heather TrimnellFood to help you enjoy your trip to Rochdale
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To phone or not to phone…it’s no longer a question!


Eyes on the road campaign

Tomorrow the law changes in regards to using handheld devices whilst driving. The new legislation means that motorists who are caught using a mobile phone whilst driving will receive 6 points to their licence and a £200 fine. This is double the previous punishment and is in support of a tougher stance on those breaking the law. Whereby motorists were previously subject to 3 points or an educational course with only a £100 fine, there will now be no ‘get out’… the punishment will be instant. Those caught by a Police officer will be automatically issued with a penalty notice or reported to the courts, dependent upon the circumstances of their offence. With many people admitting that they thought taking a quick phone call or texting whilst driving was acceptable, this new legislation hopes to outline that it is not a matter of opinion!

This will mean that new drivers who have held a licence for less than two years, will automatically lose that licence.  With evidence from a recent RAC survey showing that the age group 18-24 is the second biggest offender, those caught posing this risk will find themselves off the road for a while and have to re-apply for their provisional licence. With the majority of our learners fitting into this age category and knowing how hard they worked to get their driving licence we hope they are not tempted to pick up the phone!

But it is not just the law that is changing, it is also going to be better enforced with a week of action starting tomorrow. this will include the deployment of safety camera vans, targeting the hot spots where complaints have been received, such as schools and major trunk roads. There will also be marked and unmarked police cars at checkpoints and observation points.

Chief inspector Damien Kitchen stated ” Inattention and distraction, are as big an issue to road safety as speed, seatbelt use and drink/drug driving. The consequences of even a moment’s distraction can be devastating and our message is simple. It’s simply not worth taking that call or sending that text message, killing or seriously injuring someone, just because you picked up your mobile phone will live with you forever and destroy families. In addition, you could go to prison, lose your job and your licence”. The chief inspector was also quick to refute that it is another way of making money from fines, the police will not receive any revenue from the issued fines and instead, this will all go to the treasury and for him success will be ” that we don’t issue any fines again because people will simply stop doing it”, he also urges that people do not call or text someone who they know is driving and distract them from their task with the communication.

Here in Lancashire, Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw says he welcomes the new legislation and hopes it encourages drivers to stop and think before they use their phones and they launched their awareness campaign #eyesontheroad a while ago to keep drivers informed of the risks and the changes, effective tomorrow.

So what do we need to know to stay within the law? Well according to Lancashire Constabulary, the law is still in reference to handheld devices and that the use of hands-free is still allowed but may be disputed if you are found to be distracted.  In a discussion on their facebook page,  a commenter asked about the use of hands-free sets. the constabulary responded ” you can use a hands-free kit which is properly installed as long as your phone is secured and you do not need to touch the phone to initiate the call, dial the number or end the call etc. You should also bear in mind that you may be committing an offence if you are distracted, whether or not the phone is hands-free. Hope that helps”.

RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) believe hands-free mobiles are not enough and that whether hands-free or hand-held, the device poses a significant distraction.

After substantial research, they found that drivers who used a mobile device are:

  • Less aware of what is happening
  • fail to see road signs
  • fail to maintain lane position
  • react more slowly, take longer to brake and longer to stop
  • more likely to enter into unsafe gaps
  • suffer feelings of stress and frustration

They say that these risks are not reduced by using a hands-free device. This is because the risks are due to mental distraction and divided attention, which is taking part in the phone conversation whilst driving.

There is little point in having both hands connected to the steering wheel, if the brain is not connected to those hands

This phrase really illuminates what the real problem is and it is sometimes hard amongst all the media to remember, that it’s not just about breaking the law, the law is there for a reason and hopefully this will make our roads safer! We know from our driver training, how important reading the road is, it takes a long time to learn to react to possible hazards and without a driving instructor to check your brake, it is really up to you to ensure you can read the road yourself. Especially when other road users depend on you to drive safely.


Other devices are also covered by the legislation, such as sat navs and driving apps, to be clear, anything that separates your attention for a moment from driving, breaks the law. While it is ok to use a sat nav, the key must not be in the ignition, the engine must not be started and any route input must be done before the drive commences. Any adjustments during the journey can only be made by stopping off your route and without the engine running. Another Facebook commenter asked if it was ok to use a mobile phone as a sat nav? the constabulary responded “if your mobile phone is in a holder and being used as a sat nav this is OK as long as you are not touching it to change your route etc. If you want to do this you should park up in a safe place and switch your engine off”.

The change has also been a long time coming, with many campaigning for better enforcement by the police of the law and harsher punishment. Especially when it has become a growing problem, the RAC found that there was an increase from 7%- 19% of drivers using their mobile device whilst driving to call, text, email, post on social media and take pictures, from 2014-2016. What is even more shocking is their data showing how many surveyed admitted to taking photos and videos whilst at the wheel!

Rac survey into Mobile device use whilst driving

This graph shows the influence of social media on driving with a smart phone, as in the age category 17-24 a whopping 36% said they took photos or videos whilst actually driving and 44% thought it was ok to do so whilst stationary at traffic lights, many such images are often shared on social media sites. The next biggest offenders are the age group 25-44, where 31% surveyed had taken photos or filmed whilst in traffic. The new legislation will hopefully clear up any confusion, making it clear that any time on the road, whilst en route and behind the wheel, use of a mobile device is against the law.

Whilst researching the new legislation, I came across a few shocking images, the results of distracted drivers and the devastation those lost moments cause, a reminder of what the risks are. A great video that demonstrates this is on the Think website.

We hope you find our blog useful and just as we tell our learners to keep safe, we hope you do too, remember

“eyes on the road”!

Chris RichardsTo phone or not to phone…it’s no longer a question!
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