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Be Confident to pass your driving test – tip 1

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Top 123 Tips to Pass your Driving test First time

As a trusted driving school we get lots of questions asked about learning to drive etc. So we have decided to create blogs for all the FAQ’s about learning to drive. This blog post is part of our 123 top tips to pass your driving test.

top tips to pass your driving test


You need to have CONFIDENCE!

 The main reason people fail a test is due to not being confident.

Why do you need to be confident to pass your test?

We find that you need to be confident to pass your test. The main reason for this is that if you are unsure about anything, it will lead to doubt, worry and hessitancy on a test! When the pressure is on to pass a driving test, you need to know what you are doing is the correct thing for that situation. If you have any doubts, then you will get flustered over think the situationand then end up hesitating and then usually you then rush the next bit. Often, either of the option you were thinking about could have been ok, but as you hesitated then now you can t do any and you are stuck in “no mans land”!

Confident / lack of confidence driving test example.

Emagine you are on a driving test, driving down the road towards a meeting situation, you think about going past parked cars but you hesitate, now your road positon is not showing what you are doing, the car comming from the other direction doest know your intentions and just at the last minute, you pull out past the parked car forcing the car form the opposite direction to change his actions and you caused unessary risk! If you were confident that you could get thought the gap and you had enought time/space for it to be safe and you positioned early and maintained a safe speed, you could have got thought the gap with no risk. Also if you had slowed down early, and positioned in a “holding back” position, you could have timed it to let the car form the opposite way get thought the gap and then preceded to go after him. Either of the above example would have been fine but if you werent confident, you delayed making the approproite action and thefore ended up partly going, partly showing you were stoping and the risk involed made it a major fault on a driving test! Moral of the story is to be prepared, be confident and if you are not confident have an extra lesson or two to get you to be confident and pass your driving test with ease 🙂

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Chris RichardsBe Confident to pass your driving test – tip 1

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