Driving Lessons designed to help you learn fast!

Your driving lessons will be structured so you have the very best lesson experience every time!

  • Our instructors are given the best and most up to date driving instructor training.

  • Our prices are affordable without dropping quality.

  • If you need to pass fast then give us a call to start ASAP.

  • Male and female driving instructors offering top class driving lessons

  • Driving lessons that can be found “near me” in your local area.

  • Our students like the block booking offer to get cheaper driving lessons

When you have your driving lessons with 123 driving school, you will learn to drive quickly! You will be able to get off the bus and into your own car faster than you can say “where’s the bus got to?!”

Not all Driving Lessons Are equal

Not all Driving Lessons Are equal

Just imagine how you’ll feel when you are no longer standing in the cold waiting for your bus to college or town! Why take a whole year over doing something with a ‘standard’ instructor when you can pass your driving practical test fast and in style with one of our instructors!

Your driving lessons will last between 2 and 4 hours each depending on what you need and how fast you want to pass, all of our driver trainers are carefully selected to make sure you will learn fast and pass your driving test first time and in style. Just give us a call to find out our latest special offers!

All of our 1st class training is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, we believe this is the best driving lesson format. Have a look at our Customer Reviews, give us a call and pass your driving test fast!

All your driving lessons will be conducted in the car you take your test in. If you are looking to start driving lessons then call us on 0333 5678 123?

What makes a great driving lesson?

The ingredients of a great lesson are quite simple, here are our top six ingredients:

1- Recapping the previous lesson

Your lesson needs to begin with a recap of what you did in the previous lesson. This could be anything from a quick discussion about what you did better and some questions to check you can remember the main learning points from the last lesson. You may want to also have a practice of the previous lesson’s learning points so you can make sure you perfect them (it’s up to you).

2- Goals for this lesson

Every lesson should have its own lesson goals. These should be set by you – the learner. The best driving lessons are now using Client-Centered-Learning. This way you are in control of your learning and can set the pace to suit you and work on what you want to focus on.

3- Scale your progress

You should always know how well you are doing and how much more you have to learn to meet your goals. To do this your driving instructor should use the scaling process. This is simple, you are just asked how you scale your progress on a topic. for example “out of 10 (10 being the best) how do you rate your reverse park?” Your instructor can then have a discussion on what you need to do to make it higher and you can plan to cover it then or at a later date.

4- Agreed practice

When you are practising a topic, you should always know exactly what is expected of you and how much input you are having from your instructor. Too much input means you won’t learn to drive as quickly, too little and it can cause you to make lots of errors and feel uncomfortable.

5- Self Reflection logs

To completely understand and be in control of your learning, you must be able to reflect on your performance, know what you are doing well and what you need to improve. This is most effective by filling in a “reflective log” at the end of the lesson. It’s just 3 simple questions and can be completed in a few minutes.

6- Self-study

To help you learn faster and to keep the learning going while between lessons, ask your driving instructor for any recommendations on what you can do between lessons. You may find things like watching youtube clips, researching topics, reading handouts that are given to you or even just visualising changing gears can have a massive benefit between driving lessons.

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