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Fun, educational, safe and build your confidence, while pushing you to progress in a safe manner.

  • Driving Lessons using our Pass Fast methods
  • Great Customer Service
  • Local Driving Instructors know what it takes to get you passed.
  • Theory training workshops
  • Highly recommended instructors
  • Great easy to drive cars
  • Pick up from Home, Work or College

Driving Lessons in Morecambe call 01524 574 123

Driving lessons in Morecambe which are highly recommended Just have a look at the Facebook recommendations for Duncan and 123 Driving School.

Your Driving Lessons in Morecambe with local DVSA Driving Instructors

Driving lessons in Morecambe designed to maximise your learning and help you pass your driving test fast

When you have your driving lessons with 123-drive you will learn to drive quickly! You will be able to get off the bus and into your own car faster than you can say “where’s the bus got to?!”

Shimei passed with Duncan from Morecambe.

Shimei passed with Duncan from Morecambe.

Just imagine how you’ll feel when you are no longer standing in the cold waiting for your bus to college or town! Why take a whole year over doing something with a ‘standard’ instructor when you can pass your driving practical test fast and in style with one of our superstar instructors!

Your driving lessons will last between 2 and 4 hours each depending on what you need and how fast you want to pass, all of our driver trainers are carefully selected to make sure you will learn fast and pass your driving test first time and in style. Just give us a call to find out our latest special offers!

All of our 1st class training is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, have a look at our Customer Reviews, give us a call and pass your driving test fast!

All your driving lessons will be conducted in the car you take your test in. If you are looking to start driving lessons in Morecambe then give us a call 01524 574 123 🙂

Call for our latest driving lesson offers in Morecambe

We won’t hold you back or drag out any lessons. Every lesson you will see the benefit and move closer to your goal. So with 123 Drive – Driving School you’re sure to get your freedom and have a great time doing it!

With our super streamlined training system you’ll get your wings and have your driving licence before you can say ‘Where’s the Bus!’ Here are our top 4.5 reasons for booking your driving lessons today!

1. No more getting cold or wet waiting for the bus…. or splashed by other cars!
2. No more having to sit next to the smelly person on the bus….they won’t be in your car!
3. You’ll have the freedom to go where you want when you want… Late night run to Maccies??
4. You’ll now be able to get to work that much easier…. and get home from work quicker!
4.5 This one is for the person that is your ‘taxi’ at the moment – They can relax instead of waiting to come and pick you up or drop you off!.

We know choosing a Driving school can be difficult, lots of people say they can teach you to drive but…
You need to think about more then who is doing it the cheapest. As with most things in life if its too cheap its probably not worth it! So give us a call and have a trail lesson and find out for yourself why you should learn with us:)
Call the office to have a chat about your driving lessons and passing fast!!!

Our mission is simple – to give you the very best driving lessons and intensive driving courses possible, while having the most fun doing it.

All of our superstar driving instructors are Registered with the DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency), have enhanced CRB/DBS (Criminal record bureau) checks completed on a regular basis, undergo training with regular CPD meeting and training to make sure their skills as super sharp and their fingers on the pulse which what’s latest and best in the training world. In a nutshell we only want the best; we don’t just let anyone teach you!
We all like to feel special and to the elite team here at 123 Drive, that’s what you are special and unique, we kicked the ‘1 size fits all’ type training out the door years ago, this ensures that the driving tuition you receive is designed just for you to your specific needs. So you pass faster and need less driving lessons!.

Book your Driving Lesson in Morecambe. Call 01524 574 123 to book lessons in Morecambe

Your Local 123 Driving Instructors in Morecambe

Local driving instructors who live in Morecambe will ensure you have the best quality lessons. We know all the best places and routes to teach you to drive.

We train our driving instructors to the highest STANDARDS and are one of the only Driving Schools in Morecambe to hold monthly training days for our instructors, thus ensuring they are up to date and freshly trained in all matters relating to education and driving tuition.

Have a look below at the driving instructors who teach in Morecambe. Every one of them is hand-picked, trained and backed by our customer service 🙂

Luchmine - Learn to drive in Sale with Luchmie

Luchmie Kaur

Manual instructor covering Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham.

Driving School Cars in Morecambe

All of our driving school cars are fitted with dual controls for your safety and peace of mind. We have several different cars used in our driving school to give you a choice. All of your driving lessons will be with the same instructor and in their same car (excluding exceptional circumstances).

Your driving test will also be conducted in the car you have been learning in. Our driving instructors choose their driving school cars carefully, as part of that they also consider how easy the car is to drive!

We mainly have the following cars in our fleet:

  • Ford Fiesta
  • Audi A1
  • Mini Cooper D
  • Ford Focus
  • Citroen C3

Every car is clean, tidy and a great place to learn to drive.


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123 Driving School provides driving lessons in the following areas:

We have driving instructors providing driving lessons in Lancashire, Merseyside and Manchester. Click on the area below that you are interested in to find our more about your local 123 Driving School Instructor.

  • Driving Lessons in Preston
  • Driving Lessons in Chorley
  • Driving Lessons in St Helens
  • Driving Lessons in Wigan
  • Driving Lessons in Southport
  • Driving Lessons in Manchester
  • Driving Lessons in Liverpool
  • Driving Lessons in Lancaster
  • etc…

Driving School, Driving Lessons reviews

Just a few of the recent recommendations that 123 Driving School receives on a weekly basis.

for more info have a look at our recommendations page: PAGE HERE

  • Congratulations to Jamie for passing his driving test at Heysham . with only 3 driver faults. It was a great drive. Duncan says well done and keep up the great driving. [caption id="attachment_4855" align="alignleft" width="225"] Liam Passed with Duncan In Lancaster/Heysham[/caption]

    Liam Passed with Duncan In Lancaster/Heysham
    Jamie – Heysham/ Lancaster highly recommends driving course in Heysham/Lancaster
  • Well done to Tom! he passed his practical test today at Heysham test centre, with his instructor Duncan. Thomas says "Passed today thanks to my instructor Duncan. A great instructor who supported me throughout my driving. Calm and understanding and helps tackle any issues you may have. Despite it being my second attempt he had full confidence in me and really helped to get the result i did today. I would recommend him to any new drivers like me and wish him all the best in his career for the future." [caption id="attachment_4999" align="alignleft" width="225"] Tom passed with Duncan in Heysham/Lancaster[/caption]

    Tom – Heysham/Lancaster highly recommends driving course in Heysham/Lancaster
  • Congratulations to Charlotte who passed her driving lesson at Heysham test centre on 25/5/17 with only 2 drivers faults. Duncan wishes you all the best for the future. [caption id="attachment_6206" align="alignleft" width="225"] Charlotte with Duncan in Heysham/Lancaster[/caption]

    Charlotte with Duncan in Heysham/Lancaster
    Charlotte – Heysham/Lancaster highly recommends driving course in Heysham/Lancaster

Learn to drive in Morecambe

Morecambe is a great location to learn to drive. The nearest DVSA driving test centre is in Heysham. This means you will have lots of practice driving in areas you will be on during your test. Some of the DVSA test routes drive thought Morecambe! Our local instructors live in and around the Morecambe area. They know all the best places to teach you to drive. We know you will love learning to drive in Morecambe. So just give us a call on 01524 574 123 to start learning to drive in Morecambe today 🙂

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We Provide Driving Lessons in Morecambe covering the area below:

Pass your driving test fast with our driving school.

We provide all types of driving tuition including : Driving Lessons, Driving Courses, Taxi Training, Driving Instructor training and Company Car Risk Assessment.

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