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Driving lessons in Wirral

Driving Lessons Wirral - Pass Your Test Fast!

Driving lessons to help you pass like Louis did in Upton Wirral

If you are looking for Driving Lessons in Wirral then you have come to the right place!

Our driving lessons are 1.5 or 2 hours in duration with a local driving instructor. Having regular lessons from 123 Driving School means you can pass your driving test fast! Our driving school has an exceptional FIRST TIME PASS RATE!!!

Book your first 2 Hour driving lesson now online and check availability for only £40!

Driving Courses in Wirral

Jason Kumas after passing his automatic driving lessons in Wirral

Jason Kumas chose 123 Driving School for his intensive driving lesson

So you want to pass fast!? Great, an Intensive Driving Course in Wirral is just for you!

If you want to pass in 5-15 days then an intensive course is for YOU. We can schedule a course around your availability, still need to work a couple of days a week – no problems, we have you covered. Just let us know when you are viable and we can arrange 4-6 hour blocks of lessons to get you passed in days!!!

Theory Training in Wirral

Theory Test Workshop

Struggling with passing your theory? Learners have over a 50% extra chance of passing with us!

We are one of the only driving schools in the area to provide you with a theory training workshop. Over the many years, we have adapted, changed and perfected our six-hour workshop, as such, we have had great recommendations and success. Contact us for more details

Instructor Training in Wirral

Become a Driving Instructor in Wirral

Thinking of a new Career?

As one of the North Wests leading trainers of driving instructors, we can help you! We also have a unique Subsidised training program, YOU dont pay for your training if you work for 123 Driving School afterwards! This alone can save you up to £3,600.

Your Driving Lessons in Wirral with local DVSA Driving Instructors

Driving lessons in Wirral designed to maximise your learning and help you pass your driving test fast

When you have your driving lessons with 123-drive you will learn to drive quickly! You will be able to get off the bus and into your own car faster than you can say “where’s the bus got to?!”

Just imagine how you’ll feel when you are no longer standing in the cold waiting for your bus to college or town! Why take a whole year over doing something with a ‘standard’ instructor when you can pass your driving practical test in fast and in style with one of our superstar instructors!

Your driving lessons will last between 2 and 4 hours each depending on what you need and how fast you want to pass. Our prices are per hour not per 50 minute lesson. You get the amount of time on your lesson to help you pass your test faster and learn in a wider variety of areas. All of our driving instructors are carefully selected to make sure you will learn fast and pass your driving test first time and in style. Just give us a call to find out our latest special offers!

All of our driver training is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, have a look at our Customer Reviews, give us a call and pass your driving test fast!

All your driving lessons will be conducted in the car you take your test in. If you are looking to start driving lessons in Wirral then give us a call 🙂

We wont hold you back or drag out any lessons. Every lesson you will see the benefit and move closer to your goal. So with 123 Drive – Driving School you’re sure to get your freedom and have a great time doing it!

With our super streamlined training system you’ll get your wings and have your driving licence before you can say ‘Where’s the Bus!’ Here are our top 4.5 reasons for booking your driving lessons today!

1. No more getting cold or wet waiting for the bus…. or splashed by other cars!
2. No more having to sit next to the smelly person on the bus….they won’t be in your car!
3. You’ll have the freedom to go where you want when you want… Late night run to Maccies??
4. You’ll now be able to get to work that much easier…. and get home from work quicker!
4.5 This one is for the person that is your ‘taxi’ at the moment – They can relax instead of waiting to come and pick you up or drop you off!.

We know choosing a Driving school can be difficult, lots of people say they can teach you to drive but…
You need to think about more then who is doing it the cheapest. As with most things in life if its too cheap its probably not worth it! So give us a call and have a trail lesson and find out for yourself why you should learn with us:)
Call the office to have a chat about your driving lessons and passing fast!!!

Our mission is simple – to give you the very best driving lessons and intensive driving courses possible, while having the most fun doing it.

All of our superstar driving instructors are Fully Qualified and Registered with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency), have enhanced CRB (Criminal record bureau) checks completed on a regular basis, undergo training with Chris and Steve (the black belts in driver training at 123 Drive) to make sure their skills as super sharp and their fingers on the pulse which what’s latest and best in the training world. In a nutshell we only admit the best; we don’t just let anyone teach you!
We all like to feel special and to the elite team here at 123 Drive, that’s what you are special and unique, we kicked the ‘1 size fits all’ type training out the door years ago, this ensures that the driving tuition you receive is designed just for you to your specific needs. So you pass faster and need less driving lessons!.

Services provided by 123 Driving School

123 Drive Instructors provide the following services:

  • Manual Driving Lessons

  • Automatic Driving Lessons

  • Intensive courses / Crash Courses

  • 1-2-1 Theory training

  • Refresher courses

We Provide Driving Lessons:

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Book your first 2 hour lesson now! Call 0151 3800 123 To book your lesson today

Wirral area – more about Wirral

Book your first 2 hours for only £40

Wirral has had a varied past. It used to be fully part of Chesire and was thought of as being a “posh” place to live. Today, the areas are divided between Wirral MBC and Chesire. Cheshire has around three-quarters of the area and from an old tale – it’s as far as two arrows can be shot from its borders! – I have no idea!!

Wirral is mostly surrounded by water. On one side you have the river Dee and on the other side, you have the river, Mersey. One of the main areas of habitation is the much liked and populated Birkenhead.

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