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Steer your car safely to pass your driving test – tip 4

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Top 123 Tips to Pass your Driving test First time

As a trusted driving school we get lots of questions asked about learning to drive etc. So we have decided to create blogs for all the FAQ’s about learning to drive. This blog post is part of our 123 top tips to pass your driving test.

Steer safely to pass your driving test

Control you car and Steer Safely to pass your driving test

Control your car and Steer safely?

 According to the DVSA, one of the top ten reasons marked for a failure on the test sheets is Control (steering).

What does the DVSA say about Control (steering)?

The DVSA every year produce a list of the top 10 fails recorded on the marking sheets. For the Past 13 years, one of the main reasons why people fail is not steering safely.  The DVSA DT1 tells examiners to:

Asess their Steering: erratic steering, overshooting the correct turning point when turning right or left, both hands off steering wheel or hitting the kerb.


To ensure uniformity, when conducting car or vocational tests and ADI qualifying examinations, only assess the candidate’s ability to control the vehicle and do not consider it as a fault if, for example, they do not hold the steering wheel at ten to two or quarter to three or if they cross their hands when turning the steering wheel. The assessment should be based on whether the steering is smooth, safe and under control.

The examiner is looking for you to control the car in a smooth, safe and controlled mannor. Its not the technique of steering they are looking for but the accuracy of the steering.

Why do you need to make sure your steering is safe and acurate?

You need to be able to keep your car, its ocupants and other road users safe. One of the basics of this is to be able to control the car, keep in your lane and avoid any loss in control. Often students go wide or are lazy and ahve the excuse “no-one was their”. Dont be lazy be safe and risk free!

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Chris RichardsSteer your car safely to pass your driving test – tip 4
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