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Show me – Tell me questions

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Car 2019 Show me & Tell me Questions

As a trusted driving school we get lots of questions asked about learning to drive etc. So we have decided to create blogs for all the FAQ’s about learning to drive. This blog post is part of our Frequently Asked Questions on learning to drive.

On your UK Driving Test, you will be asked two Questions (safety questions). One will be at the beginning of your test (‘Tell ME’) and one when you are driving on your test (‘Show Me”).

It’s advisable to make sure you fully understand the answers and questions as these are not only necessary for your driving test, but they are often needed to ensure your car is safe before you drive it!!

When are you Asked the safety questions on your test?

You will be asked to answer one ‘Tell Me” question on your car driving test at the beginning of your test.

You will be asked to answer one ‘Show Me” question on your car driving test while you are driving on the test route.

When you start your test, the examiner greets you and you sign the declaration form. You will then walk outside, read a number plate and then usually on the way to the car you will be asked the “tell me” question (sometimes you are asked this question once you are both in the car).

The “Show Me” question will be asked by the driving examiner at some point during your test. Dont worry they won’t try to trick you. They will ask you by stating “When its safe please show me how you…”. So dont worry if you are about to go around a corner or you suddenly can’t remember how to do it. Just wait till you are on a quite straight road and then operate the control you need to. If you struggle then glance at it and then do it.

Do I fail if I get a question wrong?

NO, As long as the show me questions was done safely even if it was answered wrongly!

BUT! You can fail if you commit a Serious or Dangerous fault while demonstrating the controls.

If you answer One or both questions incorrectly, it will be recorded as a driving fault (use to be called a minor fault). You are not required to have an in-depth knowledge of the questions / answered. You just need to know how to check and/or operate the controls safely.

A serious or dangerous fault Could be one of the following:

Whilst demonstrating the ‘show me’ question on the move, you look down at the controls and the car drifts towards the other lane – You have committed a Major fault, which would be a fail on the test.

If during the ‘tell me’ question, you start the car to demonstrate (You dont have to start the car for any ‘tell me’ questions – just explain) the answer and inadvertently starts the car up in gear, the Examiner may have to take action to stop the car hitting another car, then you would have committed a serious/dangerous fault.

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