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Turn Right safely at Junctions pass your driving test – tip 5

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Top 123 Tips to Pass your Driving test First time

As a trusted driving school we get lots of questions asked about learning to drive etc. So we have decided to create blogs for all the FAQ’s about learning to drive. This blog post is part of our 123 top tips to pass your driving test.

Turn right safely at junctions to pass your driving test


Is it ok to turn right at junctions?

 According to the DVSA, one of the main reasons people fail a driving test is that they dont turn Right at junctions safely.

What does the DVSA say about Junctions (turning right)?

The DVSA every year produce a list of the top 10 fails recorded on the marking sheets. For the Past 13 years, one of the main reasons why people fail is – Junctions (Turning right).  The DVSA DT1 tells examiners to:

Assess a candidates Junctions, Turning right for: Late or incorrect positioning before turning right, including failing to move forward into the correct position to turn right at traffic lights

The examiner is looking for you use a routine that allows you asses the road ahead safely and perform the correct manouve / positionsing for that manouver. We use the acronym MSM – Mirrors, Signal, Manouver, with MANOUVER splitting into Positions, Speed, Gear, Look and LOOK splitting into LADA – Look, Assess Decide Act. This allows you to get organised and gives you chance to asses what to do in a sytamic way.

Why do you need to know about /do at Junctions (turning right)?

We find that its often incorrect positioning at traffic lights when waiting to rurn right, incorrect use of yellow box junctions or not using filter lanes/ hash markings correctly. You need to know how to apply the highway code to your driving. Most learners havent even read the highway code! Make sure you do to pass and drive safe for life.

You can even read the highway code for free online here. Another top tip is to use a screen reader to read it to you if you dont like reading!

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Chris RichardsTurn Right safely at Junctions pass your driving test – tip 5
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